MICA offers a variety of stabilization services to nonprofits throughout the country.

Interim Management

If you have short-term leadership needs, we can help. MICA can provide you interim management staff in such capacities as Executive Director, Chief Financial Officer and Head Start Director for a period of up to six months. These consultants serve as an objective third party able to make difficult recommendations essential to organizational survival.

Interim leadership will be negotiated with your board of directors. Contracts for services will clearly specify outcomes, deadlines and areas of responsibilities.

Vendor and Funder Negotiation

Financial stabilization involves close communication with vendors and funders. MICA staff can help you in this process.

Executive Support

Leading an agency through crisis is a difficult and daunting undertaking, especially for staff new to the responsibilities and trials of management. With our Executive Support services, a veteran with proven leadership of a nonprofit agency mentors your management staff on-site.

These mentors will:

  • broaden new leaders’ understanding of organizational dynamics
  • lead management through the complexities of multiple funding streams
  • assist with the resolution of staff and funder issues

Corrective Action Plans

Our staff can assist in the timely formulation of plans to address deficiencies found by funder monitoring. Plans developed by our staff include the following critical elements:

  • outcomes designed to bring your program into compliance
  • action steps to achieve outcomes, parties responsible for outcomes, and deadlines for their completion
  • resources and partnerships that will be needed to achieve desired outcomes

MICA will support your staff as they carry out these corrective action plans, assess progress, devise alternative strategies as needed, and counsel staff on how to report results to funders.

Reconstructive Accounting

MICA’s consultants have reconstructed financial records for nonprofit agencies throughout the country. Let them bring order to your accounting records. Our seasoned experts will:

  • analyze accounting records to determine proper classification of expenses and revenue
  • determine the adequacy of financial transaction documentation
  • reconcile bank statements and accounts
  • assess the adequacy of your fiscal operations and accounting systems
  • provide an accurate picture of your financial situation

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