On-Line Accounting

Today’s technology brings the expertise of our fiscal staff to you. Through on-line services MICA can provide:


  • periodic review of financial management records and practices
  • monitoring of your agency’s cash flow

Fiscal Agent Services

  • maintain your financial books of account
  • manage your cash flow
  • prepare reports for board of directors and funders
  • prepare for and attend board and Policy Council meetings
  • prepare for and participate in funder monitoring visits
  • prepare your records for audit

Reconstructive Accounting

MICA’s consultants have reconstructed financial records for nonprofit agencies throughout the country. Let them bring order to your accounting records. Our seasoned experts will:

  • analyze accounting records to determine proper classification of expenses and revenue
  • determine the adequacy of financial transaction documentation
  • reconcile bank statements and accounts
  • assess the adequacy of your fiscal operations and accounting systems
  • provide an accurate picture of your financial situation

Designing a Chart of Accounts

Can your chart of accounts meet your management needs in today’s fiscally sophisticated world? MICA’s consultants can:

  • analyze your current chart of accounts
  • design a chart of accounts that will more effectively meet your management needs
  • assist in implementing a new account structure

Audit Preparation

Let us take the stress out of your audit by reviewing your financial records and assisting your agency to prepare the schedules and documentation required for your next audit.

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